Capturing Life!

Meet Darrin Phegley

Nice to meet you

I'm a consummate photographer living in Kentucky.

I've been described as professional, spontaneous, real, able to make images that come to life, fun to work with, and "as patient as Job."

Words and phrases others have used to descibe me have been: chill, easy going, laid back, happy, and... my favorite from one of my pastors at church... Father of Great Nations. That phrase embodies my life goal to raise our children to be strong men and women who love God and His Word. 

I specialize in "Capturing Life!" and have 26 years of professional photography experience. Using the many skills and abilities I've gleaned from working as a newspaper photojournalist, I will capture candid moments you never knew were there and craft video stories that will make you cry.

Come to me with confidence. You're in good hands.